Video conferencing has become the lifeline of business, yet we are not taking full advantage of it

Most of us are currently working from home, and using video conferencing tools more than ever. But have you noticed that it is the only mode of communication that is not branded?
Our products are branded.
Our emails are branded.
Our stationary is branded.
Yet, our video conferencing is not.

We help you set-up your own branded and secure conferencing tool

There are great open-source conferencing solutions available. We help you set it up, so you can just focus on meeting your clients.

On top of that, we fully customize your customer’s experience:

  1. We host it on your domain, so customers know they are dealing with you
  2. We add your logo to each page
  3. We change texts to your liking
  4. We adapt the background to your brand guidelines


Servers in Europe

All of our servers are located in Europe and thus GPDR/AVG proof

No logging

We do not store any (personal) data on our servers

No data shared with third parties

As we do not store any of your data, neither can we share it with third parties

Are you interested?

The benefits


Your brand is front and center when you are communicating with your clients


You know data is secure. Either on our servers, or on your own


You get unlimited hosts, starting from €25 per month (ex VAT)


VIJFadvies is a management consulting firm

“Coding Delta set-up our in-house video conferencing solution in a couple of days. It works like a charm”

“Het Komrijk is a cross-border organisation, which means that we use video conferencing for all of our internal and external communication. It is great to have our own, in-house and fully branded video conferencing tool available.  Great work Coding Delta!”

Het Komrijk
Het Komrijk is a non-profit organisation

Choose your perfect plan

You can either host the servers yourself, or through us.

Up to 10 users

€25 a month (ex VAT)

More than 10 users

This really depends on the number of users. Let's have a chat.


Coding Delta supports non-profit organizations by subsidizing the hosting up to 10 users for 6 months

Let's get started!

About Coding Delta

Coding Delta is a boutique software development firm helping our clients generate efficiencies through business automation, by gaining insights into their data or by kickstarting their new ventures.